Monday, May 24, 2010


Hi Everyone. A school in Sydney, Australia, would like to exchange letters with us in Los Lagos. There are 28 students at this school, aged 15-17 years, who are studying Spanish. If you want to write letters to these students, and receive letters in return, come to the English room on Wednesday, the 2nd June at lunchtime. We will meet every third Wednesday to write letters.

(Hola Todos> Un Liseo in Sydney, Australia, quiere intercambiar cartes con nosotros en Los Lagos. Estan 28 estudiantes en este liseo, que estudian EspaƱol. Si quieres enscribir cartes a este estudiantes, y recibir cartes, veni a la sala de Ingles en Miercoles, 2 Junio a almuerzo. Reuniamos todos tercero Miercoles para escribir cartes.

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